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Amanda is reading:

{ The Making of a Chef }

{Added: 2 weeks ago}
I like it so far, but there a lot of things I am going to have to look up.
Bob has read:

{ On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition }

{Added: 3 weeks ago}
Good exploration on writing quality (nonfiction) text. Easy and enjoyable. I found the principals more useful than the specific topics like sports and arts. I probably reach out to a web content authoring book next, but this was a good generic guide.
Bob has read:

{ The Magic of Thinking Big }

{Added: 3 weeks ago}
Learn to: -Cure yourself of the fear of failure -Think and dream creatively -You are what you think you are -Make your attitudes your allies -Learn how to think positively -Turn defeat into victory -Use goals to help you grow -Think like a leader ... This was a very inspirational / interesting read.
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