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Black Swan Green was the first David Mitchell book I read. It was one linear story about a young kid growing up in England in the early 1980s and was pretty straight forward. The next and only other Mitchell book I’ve read is Cloud Atlas. Though I ended up enjoying it immensely, initially I found the style of seemingly disconnected short stories so confusing that I had to read the reviews just to get the characters and storylines straight. With Bone Clocks I knew what to expect and was excited to read another novel in the style of Cloud Atlas so I decided to forego the spoilers and just start reading. The protagonist Holly Sykes immediately sucked me in. She was so witty, hip and cool… a girl with a don’t-give-a-care attitude but just innocent and vulnerable enough to make her likeable. She had a few weird sixth sense experiences (hearing voices, seeing people who weren’t really there) that left me scratching my head but I figured all would be explained. The fifth section of the book got a little weird again. As mentioned I knew nothing about this book when I started reading so I had no idea it was a pseudo-fantasy novel. That in and of itself didn’t bother me as I’m a pretty open minded reader but I was confused by words like atemporals, suasion, psychosoterics, and psycho-decanting. I didn’t find this section silly as others did but as it was difficult to get through and was probably my least favorite. Much to my delight the final section was narrated by Holly Sykes. However she was much older at this point and had lost all of her cheeky street-kid charm. This section of the book was also very strange, not in the fantasy sense but in the post apocalyptic, dystopian society sense that Mitchell seems to enjoy. Some questions were answered but there were also many loose ends which drove me a little crazy. Luckily I discovered that there will be other books that will hopefully close some of the gaps in this story.
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