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  • As a Man Thinketh

  • As a Man Thinketh
    • Author:
      Associate Professor of Philosophy James Allen, James Allen
    • Published:
      2011-09-01 by Soho Books
    • Other info:
      ISBN:9781612930640 » lang: en » pages: 64
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  • Description:
    The Best of James Allen. Four books in one -Including: As a Man Thinketh * The Path of Prosperity * Above Life's Turmoil * The Way of Peace. (Plus a James Allen short biography by the editor/complier)This collection shows how is no other facet of the Spiritual Path that is more liberating and empowering than the understanding how the quality of our thoughts can guide and form our destiny and the quality of life we lead. We can contemplate about God, Love and Oneness, but unless we learn early that first and foremost our thoughts that guide and lead us, other ideals and pursuits might be unfruitful. This collection shows that all the creative powers and self-determination is our cosmic inheritance, our birthright. It is all knowable.
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