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  • Night School

  • Night School
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    Almost a third of your whole life is spent asleep. Every night you close your eyes, become oblivious to your surroundings and waste hours flying, being chased or watching all your teeth fall out âe" and then you wake up. What on earth is going on? Based on exciting new peer-reviewed research, mass-participation experiments and the worldâe(tm)s largest archive of dream reports, Night School uncovers the truth about the sleeping brain âe" and gives powerful tips on how you can use those hours of apparently âe~deadâe(tm) time to change your waking life. Along the way you will discover how to learn information while you sleep, the creative potential of a six-minute nap, and what your dreams really mean. Studies show that even a small lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on health and happiness. Itâe(tm)s time to banish nightmares, make the most of the missing third of your days, and get the best nightâe(tm)s sleep of your life.
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On the importance of sleep and other interesting facts

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